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Loren Jones lives near Tampa, Florida. He married Pamela A. Willis in 1983 and they have stayed together to this time, and have three adult children. A US Navy veteran, Loren served as a nuclear reactor operator on attack submarines for six years before his honorable discharge in 1986. Loren makes his living as an instrumentation and controls technician and writes because the stories won't leave him alone.

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    The Andarian Affair    

    The Andarian Affair

    Twilight Times Books
    Available soon!

    Master Trader Stavin is sent out to buy Kavinston's supplies. He fears it is the end of his life as a Warrior, but after the supply run, Stavin goes to Evandia to tend his Trading House with Warmaster Kel'Horval. In Twin Bridges, Stavin becomes involved with the Royal Guard. That leads to him being targeted by the king's enemies as well as his own. Book Three in the Stavin Kel'Aniston DragonBlessed series.


    Traders and Traitors    

    Traders and Traitors

    Twilight Times Books
    Available now!

    Warleader Sixth Stavin Kel'Aniston. In the entire two-hundred and seventeen year history of Kavinston as a free community, no boy had ever won an officer's star on his first expedition. Now Stavin is embarking on his second expedition. The question on everyone's mind was simple: What kind of trouble will Stavin get into this time? Book Two in the Stavin Kel'Aniston DragonBlessed series.



    All that Glitters    

    All that Glitters

    Twilight Times Books
    Available now!

    Stavin Kel'Aniston is a brave man in a boy's body. Encountering a dragon, he proves his courage and receives a gift beyond imagining. Book One in the Stavin Kel'Aniston DragonBlessed series.



If you thought swashbuckling pirate adventures ended with the age of sail, think again.

    Inadvertent Adventures    

    Inadvertent Adventures

    Twilight Times Books
    Available now!

    Sterling Albert Stevenson was a man adrift in the Confederated Star Systems. Ex-Navy, divorced, and alone, he takes a vacation at a resort casino satellite and makes his fortune. Unfortunately, the owners of the casino take a dim view of people who win and leave. Beaten and robbed, Sterling ends up shanghaied by the captain of the cargo ship Jolly Jane.



    Stories of the Confederated Star Systems    

    Stories of the Confederated Star Systems

    Twilight Times Books
    Available now!

    Follow the adventures of Captain Erica Reordan and the crew of the Temporal Cruiser CSS H. G. Wells, TCH-1.






Fantasy series

Stavin Kel'Aniston DragonBlessed series

  All that Glitters -- Book 1
  Traders and Traitors -- Book 2
  The Andarian Affair -- Book 3
  Farindian Summer -- Book 4
  The Coravian Conflict -- Book 5
  Gods Above and Below -- Book 6


The Saga of Java Mountainstand series

  Firewalker -- Book 1
  Liberator -- Book 2
  Savior -- Book 3

Coming 2019!

The Chronicles of Amberdrake

Short Stories

  "Anna's Story," Grantville Gazette, Vol 1, by Eric Flint, Editor
  "Fly Like a Bird," Grantville Gazette, Vol 9, by Eric Flint, Editor
  "Power to the People," Ring of Fire Anthology, by Eric Flint, Editor
  "The Best Plaid Lans," Jim Baen's Universe Magazine, Issue 2


"Choosing Motor Controls and Drives," Control magazine
"Lost in Translation," Control magazine




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