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| Monkey Trap | Practical Tips for Online Authors | Prophecy: The Awakening |

An extraordinary SF novel by Lee Denning. 

Monkey Trap

  Monkey Trap    SF suspense.

ISBN: 1-931201-33-1     425+ pages.   Available now!
Book excerpt

"The human race is at a turning point. An evolutionary feedback loop in the human genome is about to be triggered..."

Format: PDF, HTML, Palm, Paperback
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List Price: $6.50 USD ebook -or- $19.50 trade paperback

A New Age novel from Ardy M. Scott. 

Prophecy: The Awakening

Prophecy     New Age fantasy.

ISBN: 1-931201-30-7.     200+ pages.  collector's edition.   Available now!
Book excerpt

  The author's preferred version of Prophecy: The Awakening is available now! An exciting multimedia digital novel on CD-ROM with a New Age soundtrack by Jim Farris, stunning artwork by the author, Ardy M. Scott and readings in Ardy's own voice. Delve into the world of Kryla and Andrea while listening to New Age music.

Format: CD-Rom, PDF, HTML, Paperback
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List Price: $4.50 USD ebook -or- $18.50 trade paperback
Multimedia CD-Rom $10.95


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| Saga of Rim | Sometimes There's a Dove |

A fantasy novel by the multi-talented Cecilia Wennerström.

Saga of Rim

Saga of Rim    YA fantasy.

ISBN: 1-931201-21-8.     160+ pages.   Available now!
Book excerpt

Winner of the Dream Realm Award in YA.
One night a rip of light floats in the air over Petra's bedroom floor. Through it she enters another world, Rim, a pleasant land where farming as well as computers, magic and teleportation are the daily norm.

Format: PDF, HTML, Palm, diskette
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List Price: $4.50 USD ebook

A literary novel from Cynthia Ward. 

Sometimes There's a Dove

Sometimes There's a Dove    literary.

ISBN: 1-931201-73-0.      200+ pages.   Available now!
Book excerpt

A story placed in the forties about a family's hard work, faith and determination as they work through rough times while they head from the Delta lands of Mississippi to a war plant in Tennessee. Clair Brown and her family are cast headlong into life's tests and trials, sweeping them like a mighty river to finally rest in quiet and peaceful waters where love and the Dove of peace awaits.

Format: PDF, HTML, Palm, Paperback
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Upcoming Releases


Bigfoot Crazy, book 2 of the Williard Brothers series, by Darrell Bain. The Williard brothers are tired of the sedentary life. When one of them falls heir to proof of Bigfoot--or possibly an alien--various government agencies began chasing them and their girlfriends, hoping to recover alien technology, if that's what it is.

Caves, Cannons, and Crinolines, YA historical by Beverly Stowe McClure. In the spring of 1863, when Vicksburg, Mississippi, is under siege, Lizzie Stamford's family struggles to survive birth, death, and a changing way of life during the War Between the States.

Return of the Lantern Bearers, YA fantasy by Cecilia Wennerström. Saga of Rim Book II. The High Council of Rim thinks that a mythical monster is loose again in Rim and asks Petra Bravo for help. Petra travels in Rim with a Yimboukh, Launh, to find the truth about an unexpected murder.

Savage Survival, SF suspense by Darrell Bain. Millions of earthmen have been captured by aliens and are being put through the strangest and most terrifying survival tests ever imagined. Young Lyda Brightner's first experience after being thrown into the midst of undisciplined humans is so horrible that she vows she will never let it happen again, and that somehow she will live long enough extract revenge on the creatures responsible. [hardcover]

Shadow Worlds, SF suspense by Darrell Bain and Barbara M. Hodges. Genetic duplicates of people start dropping out of thin air right beside the originals. The duplicates are complete except for one little detail: they're dead. Frank Winston begins an investigation that widens to include the mystery of a vanished airliner that had his parents on board, as well as those of the first person who found a dead twin on her doorstep, Linda Vesprie. Together, they discover that quantum physics is even stranger than scientists had believed, and that their world and an infinite series of alternate earths are in dire peril. [trade paperback]

The Last Protector, SF/F novel by Daniel Starr. Scrornuck Saughblade, a tall, red-haired young man who wears a kilt and packs a "magic" sword, thinks he's just doing a good deed and maybe meeting a new girlfriend when he wades into a Saturday-night bar brawl to rescue serving-wench Nalia. Jape Phelps, the Ranger whom Scrornuck is sworn to protect, knows better: Nalia's ability to duck a punch before it's thrown is the visible display of a much deeper talent, a talent that just might save the world when the "streams of time" cross two weeks hence.

The New Bedford Samurai and the Fool Birds of Japan. Anca Vlasopolos's nineteenth-century historical novel follows Manjiro Nakahama from Japan to the U.S. and back. Manjiro circumnavigates the globe five times, helps his country change from feudal Shogunate to a major player in global affairs, introduces industrial animal hunts to Japan, and builds a cultural bridge between East and West.

Touch of Fate, paranormal mystery by Christine Amsden. Marianne has long been able to predict the future, but is powerless to alter its course. When her daughter inherits her dreaded power, she decides to make a change and move across the country. To her surprise and delight, she discovers that she is not alone -- five new friends have similar abilities. Then Marianne finds one of those friends murdered. With the help of Detective Derek Richards, she must find the murderer before the murderer finds her.

Warp Point, SF by Darrell Bain. An unmanned alien spaceship lands in the pasture of a middle aged married couple who decide to enter it before the authorities arrive. Immediately upon going inside, they are placed in irrevocable, sole command by the ship’s computer. No one else will be able control it. Why is the huge spaceship that landed on Earth empty? What is on the other side of the unknown warp point it came through?


Learning To Write The Easy Way by Dorothy Ann Skarles.

Out of the Psychic Closet, New Age non-fiction by Toby Fesler Heathcotte. Topics include ghosts, retro cognition, lucid dreaming, déjà vu, visions, auras, remote viewing, UFO's, voices, precognition, channeling, telepathy, electronic transmission, reincarnation, intuition, and much more.

Practical Tips for Small Press Publishers, a non-fiction book by publisher Lida E. Quillen with dozens of no-cost and low-cost promo tips and marketing ideas.

The Slippery Art of Book Reviewing by Mayra Calvani and Anne K. Edwards.


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